AdCommunal is run by a group of marketing professionals and affiliate marketers who have many years of experience in online advertising. The AdCommunal network consists of a database of publishers who are eager to generate high quality leads on a performance basis.

Why Sign Up
CPA model:We are 100% performance based, ensures advertisers only pay for results - rather than clicks and impressions
Top Publishers: We ensure that your offers are promoted by our top performing publishers through targeted banner placements, text ads, co-reg, social media, and various search engine marketing methods.
Ad Management: We use seasoned experience, and advanced tracking & reporting technology to give advertisers real time statistics and enabling us to optimize ad placement.
Support: You get support from our dedicated and experienced staff of account managers who oversee and direct your campaign from setup to completion.
Acquisition Control: Gives advertisers control of their campaigns including acquisition, volume caps, and approved traffic channels - we follow all guidelines to ensure your brand can not be tarnished.
No Hidden Fees: There are no setup fees, and no charge for clicks or impressions.
At AdCommunal you get no risk advertising and a measurable ROI.


high volume quality traffic to your campaigns Branded & Niche Advertisers

  • No Set Up costs
  • Advanced reporting to optimize campaigns
  • Quality traffic via banners, text ads, search engine and social media
  • 100% Performance Based / CPA (Cost Per Action)


Join Ad Communal and leverage volumes of our publisher community to earn top commissions for driving your traffic to high converting CPA ads.

  • Branded & Niche Advertisers
  • Place your Own Tracking Pixels (essential for PPC Publishers)
  • Real Time Tracking Showing Exact Time the lead was generated
  • Option to earn more by getting 100% of Advertiser's payout (conditions apply)